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We strongly recommend travel insurance for all overseas travel. Australian residents can buy travel insurance from 2 of Australia's best known providers by clicking on the either of the buttons below. Alternativly, contact us at Timeless for brochures.

Travel Insurance by Cover-More




The Iceland Volcano earlier this year is yet another example of how important it is for travellers to have fully comprehensive travel insurance.

Travellers frequently assure us they are covered through their credit cards or via an 'unknown‘ insurance policy booked online. However, the questions are, how much are you covered for and are you covered, for example, for travel disruption such as this year‘s Iceland Volcano and Bangkok riots? Many people found they were not covered but all Timeless passengers with comprehensive CoverMore or QBE insurance were.
These policies cover: (as interpreted by us at time of publication)
  • When service providers go under: E.g. airlines, hotels, car rental companies and shipping lines
  • Civil unrest: E.g. Bangkok Airport, Athens and Paris riots etc
  • Natural disasters: E.g. Iceland volcano, Asian tsunamis, Fiji flooding etc
  • Injuries from a terrorist attack: E.g. Mumbai, Bali, London, Madrid, New York etc
When purchasing travel insurance it is essential to clarify:
  • How much do they cover for medical expenses?
  • Do they cover for emergency evacuation?
  • Do they cover for existing medical conditions? If yes,
  • Do they cover for extra existing medical conditions not specified in their policy brochure?
Timeless Tours can provide travel insurance and are happy to quote you at any time. Please see our Travel Insurance special below. For any other information please contact us. All Timeless staff have official accreditation to sell travel insurance.

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